"Pink is a Girl Color"...and other silly things people say

A book that inspires young children to grow up freely expressing themselves without the pressure of society driven gender stereotypes. 

Society driven gender stereotypes have a powerful influence on the development of a child’s self-identity, self-perception and self-expression.   

At a very young age, many children find themselves suppressing their authentic selves in an effort to conform to the roles society deems "appropriate" for biologically born males or females.

Pink is a Girl Color…and Other Silly Things People Say, is a children's picture book that encourages young children to be, and express, their true selves regardless of where they may fall on the gender spectrum, and despite these stereotypes.

Speech bubbles, representing the outside voice of society, introduce individual rhyming vignettes that both acknowledge and dispel these “silly” and unfounded generalizations.  Subsequent narrative focuses on the importance of freedom of expression and the acceptance of others.


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